Women’s and baby’s health: Stories

Fairview offers a full continuum of care to women, from preventive and well checks to specialized resources for babies, chronic conditions and more — and always with a personalized touch. Read about real moments of true care, from Fairview patients.

“They all came together to get me back to being myself.”

After suffering chronic pelvic pain, Megan found answers and treatment at Fairview — plus above-and-beyond compassion.
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"After my mammogram, the tech sat there with me, holding my hand.”

Katie delayed getting her mammogram, until a Fairview scheduler called with a reminder that may have saved her life.
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“The nurses were there for my baby. But they took care of me just as much.”

At 32 weeks, Andreya was having the dream pregnancy. But then a doctor’s visit turned into a long hospital stay, for both her and her baby.
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“I loved being surrounded by a care team who truly wanted the best for me.”

Kristen dreamed of a natural tub birth—until an ultrasound revealed an estimated birth weight of more than 10 pounds.
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“They made me feel as comfortable as possible…they’re very attentive.”

Ali’s care team used the da Vinci® Surgical System to resolve her endometriosis, reduce her pain, and allow her to recover at home.
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“My midwife allowed me to trust my instincts. She listened to me, and that was so important.”

Angela, an RN who has spent most of her career in labor and delivery, knew that midwife care was right for the delivery she wanted.
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