Young Adult Mental Health Services

  • Video and telephone visits available
  • Immediate openings and same-day visits
  • Call 1-800-468-3120 to schedule 
The Young Adult Mental Health Unit admits persons between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. Those considered for admission must meet the criteria for current mental disorder and require 24-hour intensive nursing care for one or more of the following reasons: 

  • Shows severe impairment of reality assessment, judgment, logical thinking and planning that results in being an imminent danger to self and others. 
  • Demonstrates risk to self by active suicidal thoughts, has an active suicide plan, or has made a recent serious suicide attempt. 
  • Poses a real danger to others by actual, attempted or threatened harm to them. 
  • Has not responded to a lesser restrictive treatment setting and requires the structure, supervision and safety of an acute care, secured treatment setting. 
  • Medication adjustment requires intensive nursing supervision. 
  • Exhibits a significant decrease in function or severely vegetative behaviors associated with significant depression (i.e. refusal to eat, extreme sleep disturbance, unable to complete activities of daily living).
Treatment is built around a deep appreciation for the unique stresses and life-changing choices that accompany young adulthood. We also recognize the critical role parents and guardians play in supporting the patient both during and after treatment. We include parents in the treatment process from the beginning, unless the patient refuses their involvement. Communication and a strong support network are both key to success after discharge.