MHealth Fairview Adolescent Residential Program

Our residential program treats adolescents with a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder who may also have mental health issues. We provide a healthy, structured environment where we can address the complex issues facing substance-using adolescents and their families.

Our team of licensed alcohol and drug counselors and mental health therapists uses evidence-based practices to address each client’s individual treatment needs.  Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy and skill-building activities are all part of the treatment process. Academic education is provided at the treatment site through the local school district. Other on-site services include a spiritual health chaplain, licensed nursing care, medication management and a pediatric addiction medicine physician. The average length of treatment is between 45 and 60 days.

After treatment goals have been achieved, patients will transition to an outpatient care setting. Fairview has dual-diagnosis outpatient programs in Maplewood and Elk River. 

Program Description and Services

  • 24-hour residential treatment 
  • Primary chemical health treatment with mental health services
  • Substance use disorder intensive day treatment  
  • On-site recovery meetings
  • Medical exam and consultation with pediatric addiction doctor
  • On-site schooling with personalized academic plans
  • Discharge planning and support