Central Mesabi Medical Foundation

Central Mesabi Medical Foundation

For over 50 years, the Central Mesabi Medical Foundation (CMMF) has played a vital role in enhancing and improving health care through charitable financial gifts from generous donors and partners. Our commitment to supporting medical excellence is evidenced in the myriad gifts awarded annually within our hospital, clinics, and communities. By partnering with the CMMF, you are helping your family members, your friends, and your neighbors. Join us today!

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Who We Are

Chartered in 1967 as a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization under the leadership of founder Dr. Donald Nollet and his wife Marne, the Central Mesabi Medical Foundation (CMMF) was created to serve and enhance the health care community through the purchase of equipment, the support of community programs, and scholarships for future health care providers.

Today, the original passion, commitment, and legacy of lasting change live on as we honor the generosity and foresight of our founders. We work to continue their noble mission and commitment to enhancing health care resources for local patients and supporting medical excellence, which will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

CMMF Board Members

Executive Board
Kent (Mike) Fredeen, President
Tina Seline, Vice President
Andrew Borland, Secretary/Treasurer
Susan Degnan, Executive Director

Board Members
Dr. Kimberly Bigelow
John Briski
Ann Bussey
Aaron Clusiau
Steve Davidson
Mike Fay
Dr. Jay Hildenbrand
Martha (Marty) Hnatko
Patricia Ives
Dr. Kasey Kapella
Gregory Lee
Bryan Lindsay
John (Jack) Ryan
Todd Scaia
Dr. Joe Sertich

What We Do

The CMMF partners with generous individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring the continuing health of our community. The funding provided by the CMMF to Fairview Range Medical Center, Fairview Mesaba Clinics, and the surrounding area varies in size depending on the scope of the project and its impact, but all of our support begins in exactly the same way: people helping people. Your generous gifts will help make a difference in thousands of lives in our region.

How You Can Help

When you give to the Central Mesabi Medical Foundation, you’re making a major difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors in our community. Your gifts not only support our core medical services but also allow us to offer support to community programs.

There are many ways to support the Central Mesabi Medical Foundation. Whether you wish to support a specific hospital need, give a general donation, or help a future health care provider through funding a scholarship, we have a giving opportunity that's right for you. No matter how you give — or how much you give — you can know that your support makes a difference in your community — and beyond.

Types of gifts include:

  • Bequests — through a will or other form of estate plan, a deferred gift can express an appreciation beyond current means. 
  • Beneficiary — designating the foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance, an annuity, or a will, is a way to allow your gift to go beyond your lifetime. 
  • Cash — always an acceptable donation in any amount. 
  • Charitable Trust — various trusts can be used to extend the value to the donor and the foundation. 
  • Garden of Life Flowers — The Garden of Life flowers are gifts often given in honor or remembrance of a friend, family member, or community member who has touched your life. It's a concrete and beautiful way to say, "thank you." 
  • Memorials – Memorial gifts to the foundation are appreciated to honor a loved one after death. 
  • Property — This can include a gift of securities, insurance policies, and real estate. 
  • Securities — Stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be donated. 

As a 501(c) nonprofit organization, gifts to the CMMF can provide many tax-saving opportunities. These can be discussed in more detail with your attorney or tax advisor.

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The CMMF scholarship committee awards a variety of scholarships to support students pursuing careers in health care-related fields. The CMMF is grateful for the generosity of those who support and invest in the education of our future health care providers.

Dr. Bill Kotonias Dental Scholarship — This scholarship is funded through the benevolence of Dr. Bill Kotonias, a Twin Cities dentist and native of Hibbing, who founded this scholarship in 2015.

Max and Sara Edelstein Scholarship — The Edelstein Scholarship was established to honor the memory and legacy of Hibbing philanthropists, Max and Sara Edelstein, and continues to be funded through the generosity of the Edelsteins' daughter, Mrs. Jean Schore.

Sam Kotonias Memorial X-Ray Scholarship — This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Sam Kotonias, a well-respected X-ray technician at the Hibbing General Hospital, by his family. The scholarship supports students pursuing careers in X-ray and diagnostic imaging.

Health Care Career Scholarships – Made possible through the kind generosity of Fairview Range employees and individual donors, the Health Care Career Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in health-related careers.

For more information about scholarship opportunities or how you can help support the efforts of the CMMF, please contact Susan Degnan, Central Mesabi Medical Foundation Director, at 218-312-3034 or sdegnan2@fairview.org.

Allocation Awards

Central Mesabi Medical Foundation Seeks 2021 Allocation Requests

The CMMF is currently accepting grant requests for 2021. Requests must be health care-related and must benefit the area directly served by Fairview Range as a whole. Preference will be given to nonprofit groups.

The CMMF strives to provide direct support to Fairview Range and the local community by partnering with individuals and area organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on the entire community. The CMMF is committed to enhancing health care resources and maximizing availability for local patients.

Submissions should include a brief description of the organization and a detailed narrative describing the nature, need, and the impact the request would have if granted. Contact the CMMF for application information.

Contact Us

We’re eager to talk with you! Join us in our mission of helping to provide excellence in local health care through the support of technology, education, and programs. Your participation allows us to truly make a difference in meeting the needs of those we serve. It is an honor to partner with you as we work toward building a healthier community together.

Susan Degnan, CMMF Executive Director
750 E. 34th St.
Hibbing, MN 55746
(218) 312-3034