Vibrant Culture

Our people make all the difference. 

Being of service is one of the most important reasons people come to work for Fairview. We are united in driving a healthier future, and it shows in the way we care and advocate for our patients — always putting their needs first. 

Ours is a culture of confidence, collaboration, continuous improvement, and respect for people. Employees and providers are empowered to drive innovation and make a difference in their jobs, their fields, and our community. Whether they’re at the bedside caring for a patient or providing functional, technical expertise or leadership, everyone’s opinions matter. Individuals play a critical role in everything we do, from participating in the smallest task to defining how we will provide health care in the future.

We are invested in the health and well-being of our employees. We know that working in health care is both rewarding and challenging — for mind, body, and spirit. We support well-being programs including resiliency, life coaching, and health and wellness activities. We want our people to find fulfillment in their careers and live longer, healthier lives, as they help others to do the same.


We are committed to health care that respects the dignity of every person and honors their faith, culture, and community. We welcome providers, professionals, and volunteers with diverse backgrounds, economic statuses, and ages, and seek to maintain policies, practices, and attitudes that are respectful and inclusive.

We’re a stronger organization because of our diversity. By leveraging our diverse strengths, we foster a work environment where people feel valued and respected — and where everyone can be fully engaged and productive. 

Equitable care 

We offer a holistic approach to caring for both our patients and our employees. We create an inclusive environment where all patients receive high-quality, culturally-responsive, equitable care and all employees are engaged in achieving quality outcomes. Our patients come from many backgrounds and cultures, speak many languages, and practice many religions. No matter what a person's background, it's our job to respect and respond to a person’s culture while providing the best possible care.