Academic and Community Connections

Our talent pipeline includes the students we help train every day and the community members we serve. We are committed to working with education partners to prepare health care professionals to practice in current and future health care delivery models to improve the overall health of our community. We build relationships with community-based organizations and government partners to attract talent that mirrors our patient populations.  

We have a long history of developing and implementing best practice workforce development pipeline models. We strive to provide career opportunities that offer ongoing development to employees as they grow in their careers with us. 

Academic Connections

Our partnership with the University of Minnesota allows us to advance efforts in clinical care, research, and education, to improve the health of the people we serve. One benefit of working in an academic health system is having a culture of continuous learning that strengthens our care delivery.   
We have more than 150 college and university partners with 600 academic programs offering everything from certificates to graduate degrees. 

Some of our academic partners include:

Community Commitment and Partnerships

Our vision of driving a healthier future comes to life when we work beyond the traditional boundaries of health care delivery. Our education and workforce development programs are significant contributors to the health of the residents and students we serve in our communities. 
We recognize that the biggest drivers for community health are education and a job with family-sustaining wages. We address equity, education, and job disparities by partnering with community-based organizations, secondary and postsecondary education institutions, community job fairs, and other career events.  

Some of our community partners include: