Student Experiences

We are committed to education and providing students with clinical and non-clinical learning experiences. Students from affiliated colleges and universities are eligible to participate in internships or rotations for credit within one of our facilities. 

We have two primary education partners, the University of Minnesota and St. Catherine University, which receive preferential student placements for specified degrees. Our goal is to accommodate all professions and other affiliated college and university programs in the state of Minnesota.

Why do we support student experiences?

  • To enrich our employees.
  • To build a pipeline for our future health care workforce. 
  • To provide support to our communities. 

Types of learning experiences include:

  • Apprenticeship opportunities: This program is an earn-as-you-learn workforce training model. You'll receive classroom instruction and paid on-the-job training to provide the industry-specific knowledge needed to perform within an area of expertise. 
  • Internships and clinical rotations: These are part of an accredited educational program or curriculum and must be for credit. Only students from colleges and universities that we have an affiliation agreement with are eligible to participate. 
  • Volunteer opportunities: Available for students through the acute care hospital volunteer offices. 
  • Observations: May be available for career exploration, but these are limited and require manager approval and proof of immunizations. Our priority is to accommodate college and university internships and rotations first.