Residency and Fellowship Support

Each year, we welcome medical residents to participate in established rotations that offer an introduction to many facets of the health system. We are proud to support these residencies and fellowships through strong partnerships with educational institutions. 

Family medicine residencies

Fairview has three major training hospital sites for the University of Minnesota’s family medicine resident program. Residents are based at HealthEast St. John’s Hospital, HealthEast St. Joseph’s Hospital, or University of Minnesota Medical Center, all of which have long, respected histories in our communities. 

From administration to medical staff, our hospitals offer collaborative learning environments for residents. We’re here to teach, listen, and lend a hand, ensuring residents have the confidence and clinical skills they need as they begin their practice of medicine in our communities.

Each program offers a unique experience. St. John’s is a community hospital with a family medicine base of admitting physicians, an active emergency room, and a busy maternity care suite. St. Joseph’s is a technically sophisticated facility, home to HealthEast’s Heart Care, Neurosurgery, and CyberKnife Center. The University of Minnesota Medical Center is an academic hospital with a complex, high-acuity, and diverse patient population. 

Learn more about the residencies at St. John’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the University of Minnesota Medical Center.